Vedic Astrology Course

Most of us are curious to know about what the future holds. We want to know the answers to questions like “When will I get married?” , “Which career is right for me?”, “When will this happen?”, “Will I be rich?”, “Will I succeed in business?”, maybe further questions about children, loved ones, health and more.


When you approach an astrologer, you are eager to find a solution to your problems. The astrologer gives his prediction. But there is no way to know the basis of his prediction if you lack knowledge of the science behind Astrology.

Beware of so-called “Astrologers” out there who prey on your fears in a cunning bid to lighten your wallet.

The good news is that you can now learn to make your own calculated predictions of the future through simple Astrological techniques.

Some of us have been led to believe that Astrology is for the scholarly and the mathematically inclined. But you can learn it too!! Like we did!

Who should do it?

  • Anyone who is curious about how the movement of planets can directly or indirectly affect our energy levels, emotions, decision making etc.
  • Anyone who wishes to know one’s lucky periods, suitability of your potential spouse, business partners, employees by calculating the sun and moon signs
  • To know if a fortune teller is cheating you
  • For personal use only, this is not a full Astrology course, just an introduction.

Course Content:

Our Vedic Astrology programme includes:

  • Introduction to Astrology14424617357_87e0aba6d8_b
  • Understand How The Planets Influence Us
  • How Houses Affect Your Life & How They Have An Effect
  • The Qualities & Elements of the 12 Sun Signs
  • The Cardinal Signs
  • The Fixed Signs
  • The Mutable Signs
  • Fire Signs
  • Earth Signs
  • Air Signs
  • Water Signs
  • What Are Aspects? – Understanding Aspects & Angles
  • Planets in the Houses – What They Do & How They May Impact Your Life
  • Planets in the Signs
  • More About Houses: House Types
  • The Angular Houses  – This Is Where You Start Things
  • Succedent Houses – This Is Where You Develop Things
  • Cadent Houses   – This Is  Where You Think (or not) & PrepareTo Act


None at all

Why join the programme at Tirisula Yoga?

  • This course is taught by Master Paalu, the best Yogic Science and Philosophy teacher in the region.
  • Non- religious


  • 5 days of 3 hours daily = 15 hours



  • These are the course fees in Singapore. Course fees in other countries may differ slightly.
  • Early bird (Register 8 weeks before the start date of the course): SGD 1000
  • Standard fees: SGD 1200
  • The fees include a non-refundable SGD 300 registration fee.

When is it?

If you’re interested in our upcoming classes, please contact us. Min 5 pax to start.