The mother of Asanas is the relaxation pose

I am fully alert although my eyes are closed

My body is relaxed and in total melt-down

Fully supported and in touch with the ground

Tensing and relaxing each part in turn

Melting away the muscle burn

The mind is relaxed and completely at ease

Enjoying the silence and feeling the peace

Breathe steadily and deeply to ease the tension

Allowing my chest its full expansion

This asana is about letting go

In total submission I go with the flow

As worry and fatigue drain away

A gentle euphoria fills the day

A wonderful tonic is SAVASANA

Surrendering to gravity without the drama

So comforting, forgiving and sheer bliss

Why can’t all asanas be like this?

That’s Yoga…….if you must

Saving the best till the very last

An original by

Val Adams