The Bee and The Spider

One of the stories i read : One seeker came to a Master and asked: What is the way? Master gazed at the nearby mountain and said: The mountain is so beautiful. Seems absurd? because he is asking what is the way and Master is talking about the mountain. Frustrated, the seeker left immediately. Then Master has a beautiful laugh. One of the disciple asked: Master, that man must have thought you are mad. Said the Master : One of us is absolutely mad.   It is either he because you cannot ask about the way, you have to travel it.  By travelling the way is discovered.  It is not pre prepared. It is not there unless you travel it.  It is not a highway, tailor-made, waiting for you. Just use it when you want it.  There is no way like that, otherwise everyone would have reached their destinations.   I experienced another situation where a person was asking how long will it take to perform the postures and will the person be ever be able to do it.  I say, the momemt you start practicing, it is created.  Just like the web comes out of a spider, the way comes out of you.   The way also disappears with your disappearance.  Only stupid and foolish people asks what is the way.   YOU ARE THE WAY, JUST LIKE YOU ARE THE BEE THAT CREATES THE HONEY.