Before beginning teacher training I spent many years wandering the globe searching for right knowledge. Tirisula Yoga taught me that what I was looking for was inside me all along. The 200 hour course opened the door to a world of philosophy and theory that changed the way I viewed myself at every level. At the end of the course I knew I had to step through that door and continue my journey in the 500 hour course, as well as Pre/post Natal and Reiki Healing. The knowledge passed to me through Master Paalu and Master Satya during those months of training continues to serve and challenge me to this day. They ignited in me a passion to never stop being a student of yoga, and instilled in me the confidence to continually share my own knowledge and experience with others. Whether in the 200 hour, 500 hour, Reiki, or Prenatal courses, their teaching is truly life changing.