In most of the yoga classes that I attend, Parivritta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side-Angle Stretch Pose) is always ever present to taunt the flexibility and strength of my legs and hips joints and to stretch the limits of my ankle mobility.   In tryin
One of the most memorable classes we had in anatomy was when Weiling asked us to get into prone position, and to flex our knee so that the shin bone was perpendicular to the floor. Next, a partner would use their arm strength to lower your foot to the gro
Yoga is for healing.   When teachers ask at the beginning of class if anyone has any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions that they should know about, I’ve come to realize that no one ever coughs up their medical history to the entire class
Ayur – Life Veda – ScienceAyurveda – The Science of Life Several concepts were introduced in class – timing, diet, the doshas and the gunas. Ayurveda is a vast topic, but for people who want to dabble into ayurvedic practices and a
“Tit-for-tat”“What goes around comes around”“Good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people” That was what I understood from the word “karma”. I guess mass media and pop culture had a par
I remember it was the first session of the weekend YTT training. Master Paalu asked everyone to straighten their knees and elbows. To my dismay, it was confirmed (I was certain about my knees, but not so sure on my elbows) I have BOTH hyperextended knees
Blockages are dangerous…..Wherever they are, they are an obstruction. The less severe one, namely the Nasal Congestion often hits my family. With the young children the most common problem is ‘Cough n Cold’. This nasal blockage surrounds us most of
If you practice hatha yoga or other restorative forms of yoga, there is a high probability that you have never tried Chaturanga. But it is a very common asana for anyone practicing flow yoga. For someone practicing the Ashtanga Primary Yoga Series, you co
“We always have a choice, it is up to us on whether we want to return to our old ways or take a step forward.” This sharing by an ex-offender left the deepest impression on me and set me reflecting. Of all the hopes we may have for them, i.e.  they l