“We always have a choice, it is up to us on whether we want to return to our old ways or take a step forward.” This sharing by an ex-offender left the deepest impression on me and set me reflecting. Of all the hopes we may have for them, i.e.  they l
Love YourselfYoga and Lifestyle Dragging along a yoga mat along throughout the day while commuting around using public transport that is packed with people like canned food. Rushing off from work during lunch time or after work to the studio for yoga
      A strong supportive bottom is key to a safe ,pain-free practice.Nowdays people are aways trying to make them looks sexy from the backside.So let me share with all of you how to get our glute muscles works nicely from yoga practice.    First
In ancient east indian yoga ,the body was divided into three arteries and seven energy centers.Because these seven  energy centres appeared in a spiral wheel .It was called the seventh wheel,and the wheel in sanskrit called chakra.The energy between the
Om shanti shanti shanti .....When my first time hear this song from tirisula .i know i am on my way to become the true yogi.Most of the people think of yoga only as physical exercise ,but for me yoga is an art as well as science.It is a science ,because i
Triangle pose builds strength and a sence of expansiveness,but also requires seablility and integration.like other yogis ,triangle is one of the first pose that i learn from the instructors .when i first doing triangle ,i thought that if i could reach my
The shat-kriyas refers to the purification practices which are designed to assist the all areas of the body with elimination and detoxification. These six processes are often overlooked in the practice of yoga in the west.When practised routinely they pro
In the yoga tradition, the yamas, along with the niyamas were introduced to children and practiced before learning asana or pranayama, or the meditative limbs. The first Yama, ahimsa is the foundation of the practice in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It’s a
Trust me, you are not alone. Going upside down for the first time is scary, the fear is so real and we get cold feet. For some, it comes naturally and effortlessly. But for me, it didn’t. I have attended yoga classes in fitness centres in the last two y