Teacher-training here has been a life-changing experience. Masters Paalu and Wei Ling are highly knowledgeable and very nurturing, and give of themselves fully every single day of the training. Organic and holistic, every lesson is fun and insightful, and weaves and meanders accordingly to the energy of the day, yet never losing focus. I cannot imagine any other teacher-training to have such a well-rounded curriculum, or such a truly caring environment.

Pearl, 200hr Yoga TTC graduate, homemaker

The teachers were very knowledgeable in all aspects of the course, theory and practical. I feel very fortunate to have studied here, made a lot of great friends and I love the location too.

Emmelyn, 200hr Yoga TTC graduate

I joined originally because I wanted to take a bit of time off of work and learn something intensely. I got just that, plus greater endurance, flexibility, and — what do you know — better taste. Food is yummier to me now, which makes sense for a healthy, nourished body. I also had a chance to workshop my teaching ability . Recommended for a well-rounded and intensive education for anyone who can possibly set aside this time for themselves!

Angela, 200hr Yoga TTC graduate

In the two weeks I’ve been at Tirisula in the 200 hr course I was first met with the stillness & peacefulness of the place. A true feeling of dedication to the path of Yoga can truly be felt. After having lived in an ashram in India, coming to a busy city like Singapore is sometimes overwhelming and at Tirisula there is a warm feeling of coming home and one can just ‘BE”. Here, at Tirisula, I have learned to appreciate even more how special our physical bodies are and the importance of our Body-Mind-Soul as a functioning Whole. Our bodies are a gift and a vehicle to take us to realizing the Self and Yoga is the tool. Thank you Tirisula for giving me this wonderful experience :)

Diana, 200hr Yoga TTC graduate

One more time I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your help and encouragement during the course and for the great time! The last month and a half was a time very well spent for me. I have learnt a lot. Now I have to confess I miss going to the studio….
I organize sessions with my fiends and it is a good fun, enjoyable and pretty amuzing, at least for me :) 

Thank you once again! 

Stay well and enjoy!

Warm regards,

Stanislava, 200hr Yoga TTC graduate, homemaker

Before beginning teacher training I spent many years wandering the globe searching for right knowledge. Tirisula Yoga taught me that what I was looking for was inside me all along. The 200 hour course opened the door to a world of philosophy and theory that changed the way I viewed myself at every level. At the end of the course I knew I had to step through that door and continue my journey in the 500 hour course, as well as Pre/post Natal and Reiki Healing. The knowledge passed to me through Master Paalu and Master Satya during those months of training continues to serve and challenge me to this day. They ignited in me a passion to never stop being a student of yoga, and instilled in me the confidence to continually share my own knowledge and experience with others. Whether in the 200 hour, 500 hour, Reiki, or Prenatal courses, their teaching is truly life changing.

Stephanie, Studio Owner
Agility Flow Yoga Studio, USA-Maine

I live in Dubai and I went to Singapore in a business trip. My levels of stress having a lot going on in my professional as well as my personal life lead me to search for Reiki institutes. I went to a couple and they didn’t feel right.  Master Teacher Paalu gave me peace of mind, both him and Satya Chong train professionals of Yoga and Masters of Reiki  and I went through daily reiki and meditation sessions for one week.


In a very magical way my life turned around and very quickly. One week later I felt this sense of balance I never want to abandon again, in a surprising way things started working out, happening…I cannot explain with words how thankful I am to both of them….forever.

Veronica Cotdimey, Owner
Travel Services Company, Dubai

The time I spent in Singapore with Paalu and Weiling was a fundamental turning point of my life. Their Tuition, guidance and knowledge inspired me to become a more focused yogi and to share my learnings with my students. The physical practice and adjustments exposed great strengths and weaknesses within my practice physically and mentally and I learnt skills and techniques on how to work with these observances. The 200hr course at Tirisula follows a balanced structure where students walk away feeling inspired and open to all the facets and new learnings to come along their path as a teacher and student!


Rhyanna is now an international yoga teacher, owns a studio in Perth Australia and is part of the Tirisula Yoga Teacher training team.

Rhyanna Van Leeuwarden, Studio Owner
Perth Australia

“Taking on the 500 Hr Course has been another exhilarating experience for me. AshtangaVinyasa has taken me to another level of physical challanges; the philosophy of Yoga has further deepen into my life. Master Paalu and Master Satyahas been great by giving guidiance along the way, revealing the essence of Yoga.”

Adeline Lum, Owner
Satya Yoga, Singapore