Paalu Ramasamy

Senior Yoga Master Teacher, Founder (E-RYT, E500 T500) Paalu-Ramasamy

Quote “You have a habit of being not free. That’s why you feel like you are in prison. A prisoner. This is why you go on seeking for freedom.  Freedom is not found in the outside.  Freedom means freedom from the Mind. Freedom from the constant wavering, clamouring and craving.Freedom from the habits. Drop the habit of being unfree.”

Master Teacher (Yoga Acharya) Paalu Ramasamy is not your typical fitness centre Yoga teacher that you may have imagined.  He is witty, jovial and enlightened. His whole lifetime effort is to let you experience your inner self, to destroy the ideas you have about yourself, unlearn all the learning, eliminate the opinions you have about yourself and others. He is there to spar with you. Challenge you every step to discover the fulfilment that you always had inside of you

Master Teacher Paalu is an Experienced Register Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), E500 T500 under the Yoga Alliance, USA classification of yoga teachers around the world. He is a Reiki Grand Master under the Usui Method. Master Teacher Paalu is also qualified Pilates Instructor who was trained in the USA.

His early life has been one of childhood play. Sincere, spontaneous and serene. From a very severe quadriceps rupture (knee surgery), Master Teacher Paalu was given very little chance to walk again.  Through techniques in Yoga and meditation, Master Teacher Paalu was able to completely recuperate to 100% strength.  He has vowed never again to allow people to lose inspiration to recover from any form of illness that may plague them.

Master Paalu has discovered YOGA techniques to help participants recuperate and manage their illnesses.  90% of all diseases are psychosomatic.  It is a condition in which psychological stresses adversely affect physiological (somatic) functioning to the point of distress. It is a condition of dysfunction or structural damage in bodily organs through inappropriate activation of the involuntary nervous system and the glands of internal secretion. Master Teacher Paalu and his team of dedicated trainers have formalised the sequences to help people in various illnesses to recuperate or manage their exisitng condtions.

Students have experienced at least 50% improvement in all areaas. Master Paalu has also uncovered proprietary techniques in meditation to help release one from mind chattering and slow progress in life. These techniques vastly improves well-being, creativity and progress in career and relationships.

Master Teacher Paal was trained personally by Yoga AcharyaV.Sheshadri of Mysore and YogaratnaGuruji BNS Iyengar in the AshtangaVinyasa style. Master Teacher Paalu was initiated into meditation by Guru Dr V.Nagaraj and his Sanskrit teacher was H.M. Sudheer.

With the solid foundations in the various philosophies and spiritual traditions of the East and the West, Master Teacher Paalu has synthesized the knowledge of modern science to cover the entire spectrum of the Yoga techniques and philosophy be it in Yoga Sutras or the Bhagavad Gita or Upanishads. Master Teacher Paalu is able to impart the traditional information about yoga to the modern people in a comprehensive and refined manner adapted to different cultures and races without losing or tainting the essence of the subject matter.

For those who have experienced Master Teacher Paalu’s classes, the feedback have always been nothing short of excellent. Students have transformed their lives for the better.

Master Teacher Paalu’s students come from all over the world including Japan, Finland, Korea, France, Austria, Kuwait, Maldives, USA, Australia etc.