Goh Hui Yan

Assistant Yoga Master Teacher (RYT500) huiyan profile


Hui Yan is a Yoga Alliance RYT500 (Ashtanga/Hatha) with a soft spot for peanut butter and homemade granola.

She has completed over 1000 teaching and training hours at Tirisula Yoga, under the guidance of Master Teachers Paalu and Satya.

Every day, she is grateful for her teachers past and present, and looks forward to a lifetime of learning and sharing with the world and his downward-facing dog.

Before yoga found her, Hui Yan spent some time in the corporate world and it was then she developed the autoimmune disorder, Graves’ Disease. During the years when the symptoms were most aggressive, yoga showed her the way to living life and not her diagnosis.

The therapeutic benefits of the practice continue to make a profound difference to her physical and mental well-being. As a teacher, she hopes to shed light on the transformative teachings of yoga and its applications off the mat.

Hui Yan’s practice stems from the empowerment that comes with a perfectly aligned body, that moment of peace in asana when strength and flexibility are balanced with breath and movement.

Whether she’s guiding you through a private therapy class or teacher training, acceptance, awareness and proper alignment are themes that resonate strongly in her lessons. She believes in the limitless potential of the human mind and body, and of course, having a busload of fun.

Before she signs off, Hui Yan shares a gentle reminder to breathe. Because there’s no better time than now.