Angelika Hartmann

Ashtanga/Hatha/Yin and Children’s Yoga Teacher RYT-200

Angelika joined her first Ashtanga Yoga class in 2012, immediately falling in love with the combination of the powerful smooth movements and the calming rhythmic breathing sound, Ujjayi.


Living a busy business life at this time the evening Yoga class became her oasis of the day. The stiff and aching body from sitting in an office all day slowly released, got softer, the mind’s monkeys quieted down with every Vinyasa, thoughts and worries faded away with every inhalation and exhalation. After 90 minutes class her view onto the world was a different one, a more peaceful, purer, realer one.


Having the desire to deepen her practice and diving more into the science and philosophy of Yoga, 2012 Angelika enrolled in a 600hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training at Ashtangavienna in Austria, Vienna – an intense 3 year long inner and outer transforming process has begun.


Getting a bigger picture she participated in international weekend workshops with David Williams, Kino MacGregor, John Scott and in 2015 Angelika graduated from a Yin Yoga Foundations Teacher Training by Josh Summers.


After those 3 years, during a heart-warming journey through Nepal and Bhutan, Angelika knew, it was time to leave her 13-year career in the financial industry behind and following her heart by fully committing to teach this wonderful practice.


Moving to Singapore in 2016 Angelika joined a 200hrs Hatha/Ashtanga Teachers Training (RYT200) at Tirisula Yoga, improving her English for teaching, gaining more experience and expertise from her Masters. Getting also ready for the little Yogis and Yoginis she graduated in the same year from a Children’s Yoga Teacher Training at Tirisula Yoga.


Seeing Yoga as an art of bringing body, mind and soul together, believing in the unity of those 3 and its healing powers, Angelika completed a 12 month NUAD Basics Course and she is a Reiki Healer (level 1 & 2).


Angelika loves handing over the magic of Yoga to her students, seeing their eyes sparkle after Savasana, letting them dance to their own music, their breath. Accompanying her students a few steps on their maybe sometimes bumpy and challenging, but in the end fulfilling and blessed journey of self-realization.


Angelika is deeply grateful to all her teachers, for their valuable impulses and love, supporting her along on her own journey.


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