Studio Rental

Looking for Studio Rental in Singapore? Here, we help freelance, certified Yoga and Pilates teachers to start up their classes by providing studio space rental, saving them the hassle of setting up their own studio.


Make a booking online to rent our studio at 80B or 62A Arab Street. Our studios are just a 7 min walk from Bugis MRT



Studio Rental Rates*

  Duration per session
 Normal Room (80B – max 14 pax)           
60 min
75 min 90 min  

1 session (ad-hoc)

$60 $75 $90 book-and-pay-button

4 sessions within 1 mth

$200 $250 $300

12 sessions within 3 mth

$540 $675 $810









  Duration per session
 Hot Room (62A – max 10 pax)                 
60 min
75 min 90 min  
1 session (ad-hoc) $75  $93  $112 book-and-pay-button  
4 sessions within 1 mth $260  $320  $385
12 sessions within 3 mth $720  $893  $1075











 60-min Specials @ 62A!

Duration per session
 Normal Room (62A – max 10 pax)     
60 min

- Weekdays 1.30 – 5.30pm





- Weekdays 5.45 – 6.45pm
- Saturday 1.30 – 4pm


Super Peak
- Weekdays 7-8pm























For Tirisula Graduates only: 60-minute rental special @ 62A  for self-practice only (not for conducting classes):

  • Peak/Super Peak hours @ $50
  • Non-Peak hours @ $25 
  • Book via the button above








*Tirisula Yoga graduates can enjoy extra 15 min for free.



Booking Procedure

  • Click on the relevant button above to send us a booking request
  • We will contact you with further instructions



Terms and conditions**:

  • Renters may be asked to produce teaching certificate for verification purposes
  • Maximum capacity of respective studios are 14 pax (80B) and 10 pax (62A), including the instructor. Strictly not more than the max capacity is allowed in the studios for Yoga/Fitness for safety issues. Tirisula Yoga reserves the right to stop the instructor from conducting the class and hold back the deposit if maximum capacity is exceeded.
  • Studio rental fees paid are non-refundable
  • No cancellation of bookings are allowed
  • Teachers must communicate to the students that you are renting the studio and are not working for or representing Tirisula Yoga.


Booking Confirmation

  • The time slot(s) you have selected is confirmed ONLY upon full payment
  • Full payment includes a refundable deposit of SGD 200. This deposit will be deducted for cleaning charges if studio is left in a messy condition, any damages, exceeding the booking time etc.
  • Management reserves the right to release any unconfirmed slots
  • Booking must be made at least TWO (2) days in advance



  • Please note that your booked time slot determines the time you enter and leave the booked studio
  • If you require set-up/clean-up/shower time before or after your class, please include the time required in your booking
  • Extensions are allowed in 30-minute blocks at (SGD 30 – regular / SGD 37.50 – hot)
  • If you overrun the booked time, extension charges will be offset against your deposit. 


**Full terms and conditions will be explained in person when booking is confirmed.


For more information about studio rental, please email or call +65 6299 5181.