Stomach Series: Single Leg Stretch

Stomach Series: Single Leg Stretch in technical terms



This is the first exercise of the stomach series that strengthens the transversus abdominis and the oblique muscles.


Starting Position:

1. Lie down on the back. Tilt the pelvis posteriorly with flexion on the hip and knees to 90 degrees.

2. Slightly create flexion on cervical vertebrae 1, 2 and the upper thoracic region, with depression on the scapulae and flexion of the shoulders so hands are close to the ankles.

3. Pull the navel close to the spine. Engage transversus abdominis & oblique muscles



1. Inhale to prepare

2. Exhale with extension on left knee and more flexion on the right knee closer to the body. Bring the left hand on the right knee and the right hand on the right ankle.

3. Inhale, prepare to switch

4. Exhale, switch

This is 1 repetition


by DJL