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New Slot! 

Standing on your Hands

Fri 16 Jan, 6.30 – 9pm

Due to overwhelming response, we’re opening up a new slot for Rhyanna’s ‘Standing on your hands’ workshop.


Sign up now for workshops led by our very own Tirisula Graduate and Lululemon ambassador, Rhyanna. Fine tune that handstand at her “Standing on your hands” workshop and learn how to go deeper into your backbends at her “Fluid Spine” workshop. 


Take home tips and tricks on precise muscle activation and body movements required during asana, plus a little inspiration on seeking a sense of balance on and off the mat.


Workshop 1: Fluid Spine, 11 Jan (Sun), 3:00 – 6:00pm
Open your heart, lengthen your spine and dispel your fear of the unknown. For some people backbending comes naturally while others have to work more deliberately to find freedom. However it is for you, together we will look at how to deepen and create ease in your backbends.

This workshop is great for guys with limited flexibility as well as the more advanced bendy yogi who needs to build strength. Come one, come all!

What is covered:

– Anatomy of backbending
– Exploration of modifications
– Creating good foundational habits 
– Action and discovery, a warming sequence intertwined with backbending – variations for all levels
– Counterposes 


Workshop 2: Standing on your Hands, 14 Jan (Wed) or 16 Jan (Fri), 6:30 – 9:00pm

This fun and challenging workshop is designed to teach you how to do arm-balances and inversions with greater mindfulness and ease. We often over-rely on force when working on these poses rather than learning to understand the essential actions and movements. This workshop helps your body understand the mechanics and leverage of arm-balances and inversions to ultimately make these inspiring poses part of your repertoire.

Be educated, challenged and invigorated. This workshop is one not to be missed!

What is covered:

    • Anatomy of arm-balancing and inversions
    • Exploration of key muscles and individual limitations
    • Creating good habits in foundational poses such as plank and chaturanga
    • Developing a checklist to use each time the weight transfers to the upper body
    • Action and discovery, a playful segment where students will work with an array of arm balances and inversions
    • A cool down sequence



      • $60 (One workshop)
      • $100 (Two workshops)



Tirisula graduates enjoy 10% off above prices. Be sure to select ‘Tirisula Graduate’ x 1 on the booking page before clicking ‘Book’.



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Any questions about Rhyanna’s Yoga Workshops, please email us at or 6299 5181.