Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshop : Up in the clouds (Inversions), 27th Apr  and Ancient Mudra Secrets Revealed, 28th April (Sun), 3 – 6pm at Tirisula Yoga Studio, 80B Arab Street.


Yoga Workshop 1:

Up in the clouds with Rachel Young (E-RYT 500)

27th April 2013, Sat, 3 – 6pm


Come and take this journey with me as we head for the clouds in an inversion workshop. Learn techniques for headstand, handstand and elbow stand. This 3 hour workshop will surely have u flying high by the end of it.

Lets fly high together and most importantly have fun with it. :-D

Limited to 12 pax only. Register now to reserve a space!

Fees: SGD 120 each.


Yoga Workshop 2:

Ancient Mudra Secrets Revealed with Master Paalu and Satya

28th April 2013 (Sun), 3 – 6pm

Wondering how hand mudra works? Having doubts that there is such power in the fingertips? Question no more! Learn about the 5 elements that make up our body, finding out your predominant element and element which is lacking, and learning the techniques using mudra to balance it.

Be prepared to be blown apart with the ancient secrets.

Limited to 12 pax only. Register now to reserve a space!

Fees: SGD 120

Yoga Workshop


We all love promotions!

Sign up for Yoga Workshops 1 and 2 and pay SGD 200 for both! (Save SGD 40)


To register, please fill in the online registration and full payment is required. You can pay online via Paypal or pay at our studio upon registration. First-come-first-served basis.



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