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Reiki healing tirisula

Reiki Healing Level 1 & 2


Learn both levels with Master Paalu & Satya Weiling next month at a very special rate. Participants will receive attunement and also practice the steps in self-healing and healing others through energy.


Read about what is Reiki energy and its benefits here.


Whats more…

This September installment with our Masters will also give participants a rare insight into the realm of aura reading and past life analysis (self and others), and their applications to life in the present.


What is the Aura?

If matter exists because of atoms and molecules, which in turn exist because of vibratory particles called electrons, protons and neutrons, which in turn exist because of even subtler vibratory particles, isn’t everything in our physical Universe just a vibratory energy which connects to everything in the Universe? 


When these elementary particles vibrate, small electrical impulses are created in the physical body. An electric field is formed around a body and an electromagnetic field is produced – this is your Aura.


Everything and everyone has a Aura, which appears in varying colours and intensity. It shows a person’s true nature and intentions, and cannot be faked. 


Signs of a past life?

- Do you have irrational/unfounded fears or unexplained affinities towards certain things and people?

- Have you ever experienced deja vu?

- Do you often have vivid dreams of yourself in a different place and time?

- Ever looked into a stranger’s eyes and found familiarity?


These are all possible signs of residual energy carried to the present from a past life.


Join us as we share some perspective on the finer details of this life.


Dates: Sat 27 & Sun 28 Sep, 2-7pm

Fee: SGD 300 for both levels (U.P. SGD 700)