Combo Promo: Save $2800

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Combo Promo of 200hr + 500hr Yoga Teacher Training Course! Save an amazing $2,800 if you register at one go! Original price is $10,400 for both 200hr and 500hr Yoga TTC. Now, you only need to pay $7,600*.

You can take 2 years to complete the courses, or do it one short, depending on your schedule and preference. 

This is a very great promotion and you wouldn’t regret it. 

If you really want to learn more thoroughly and deepen your practice, 200hrs Yoga TTC is too short for you to be a competent teacher, we recommend you to finish your 500hr Yoga TTC before teaching others for a more complete understanding of the topics. 

 Check out 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and 500hr Yoga Teacher Training Course pages for details.

To register, click on the button below, choose the 200hr Yoga TTC schedule and choose on the option to top up for the 500hr course.

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Feel free to email us at if you have further questions, or call us to find out more.

* Early bird price (save $2,800), only if combo is booked 8 weeks before the start of the 200Hr course. Standard combo price is $7,900 (save $2,500).