Handstand Workshop by Rhyanna – FULL

New Slot! Fri 16 Jan, 6.30 – 9pm

Due to overwhelming response, we’re opening up a new slot for Rhyanna’s ‘Standing on your hands’ workshop.


Sign up now for Lululemon Ambassador Rhyanna workshops as she shares her strong anatomical knowledge and experience of yoga philosophy while striving to bring a perfect balance to her every-day life through yoga practice.

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Our very own Tirisula Graduate Rhyanna structures her workshop so that it focuses on the precise muscle activation and body movement while inspired yogis work on their series of “flying” poses and backbends.

Rhyanna will be conducting two workshops, “Fluid Spine” and “Standing on your Hands” .

“Fluid Spine”
Looking for a good backbend? The workshop focuses on opening your heart and lengthening your spine, aiming to further deepen and creating ease when you practice a backbend. Suitable for yogis with limited flexibility and for advanced yogis to develop strength, get started on instilling good habits in your foundational backbends.

“Standing on your Hands”
The workshop is designed to challenge intermediate/advanced yogis to do arm balances and inversions with more confidence and ease. You will be educated on the mechanics and leverage of arm balances and inversions while you discover an array of poses. Get ready to take flight and embark on a journey to the world of flying yogis.

Any questions about Rhyanna’s Yoga Workshops, please email us at info@tirisulayoga.com or 6299 5181.


  • $60 (One workshop)
  • $100 (Two workshops)




Tirisula graduates enjoy 10% off above prices. Be sure to select ‘Tirisula Graduate’ x 1 on the booking page before clicking ‘Book’