It was only when I looked further into what Yoga was before I found out asana's were only one of the eight parts of what yoga really is. Something I was very happy to experience during YTT was the exposure I got to meditation. From a young age meditation was always an area of confusion for me. Questions would always surface. What are you supposed to do? What's the point? Am I supposed to think about something? How do you do it? Based on what I understand about meditation now, is that it is a way for us to achieve a certain state of mind. To achieve this state of mind we are to dettatch ourselves from the complicated thoughts of daily life and concentrate on something simple such as the sound of breath. It is through the simplicity of maintaining a simple humming noise or a the sound of an "ohm" that allows us to focus. Making things simple for our minds allows us to reach a state where we can experience a near unconscious state. While maintaining this near unconscious state we can allow prana to cleanse, and even align our chakras. This ideally would emulate a certain phase of sleep whereby we would be allowing our brain to reguvinate. Although I have learned some meditation methods I still think that this near subconscious state of mind is somewhat beyond my immediate grasp. I do feel however that with enough time and regular practice the benefits of meditation are atainable. An aspect of my life I personally struggle with is focus. An overactive mind is something I have been living to deal with for a long time, and during my first few attempts at meditation became extremely obvious to me. Not only during the meditation itself, but also during my asana practice I realized how much my own mind was interfering with the quality and effort of what my body was doing. In my eyes, meditation is a reflexion of another part of you, a very honest one. While asana's really should only be about you, because there is the element of the physical world it's very easy to let your ego get involved in your asana practice. How difficult or easy an asana is for you, or how much better or worse you are than someone else doing an asana, are all things that are born from our ego. Why is meditation more honest? It's because no matter how good or bad you are at it, how enlightened you become, how long you spend in a near subconscious state, can only be realized by you and can't be proven to anyone else in any way. You are the only one experiencing your own meditation.