We offer a Meditation course without any religious affiliation. There are many Meditation courses conducted at religious organisations that teach one or a few meditation techniques which are suitable for the followers or devotees. For example, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, Zen Buddhist Meditation, Christian Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Reiki Meditation, Transcendental Meditation etc.

10 day Meditation Certification Course

  • 7:30am to 1:30pm (60 hrs)
  • Fees: SGD 2000 (Early bird) / SGD 2300 (Normal fees)

What is Meditation?

Meditation means pure awareness, a mirror like quality of consciousness. Being utterly present in the here and now, fully aware, unclouded by the dust of thoughts, emotions, desires, past or future – just being!

Meditation is the state of pure witnessing consciousness to which different mystics have refered to as ‘Drashta’, ‘Sakshi’ or ‘Bodh’ – our true self.

There are hundreds of methods/techniques to finally reach this state of pure awareness. Most of the meditation techniques given by different mystics around the world are in fact just preparations for meditation, many doorways to be in this pure witnessing consciousness. We must understand that these ‘techniques’ are important but they are not meditation itself. Please also note that all the meditation techniques are based on the 112 Meditation Techniques.

Meditation is beyond techniques, beyond doing; it is a state of relaxed awareness. However, once we have experienced the state of meditation, any action that arises out of this state of pure awareness becomes meditative. This sort of action is called ‘effortless effort’ by the Zen masters or ‘Karma Yoga’ by eastern mystics.

There are numerous meditation techniques available. We believe Meditation is for everybody, even non-devotees of any religious organization. Here, we present a Meditation Course with a Scientific method, based on the ancient tantra, with 112 methods to choose from. Different people will have a certain affinity towards a few techniques.

There is no restriction on any races, religion or creed. All are welcomed.

Experience a no-mind state with us now. 

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