My magic cure

A few years ago, I took my first class of yoga in France. After one year, I gave up because I found that too boring.

When I arrived in Singapore, they were so many ads for yoga that I tried the studio where I practice yoga now. It was a discovery.
The first classes were really hard and I didn’t stop to asking myself “Why am I torturing my body?”. But my body started asking for more and I liked the challenge.
It was like an evidence, a vital need.

Besides, practicing yoga changed my life a lot, as I started to gain in flexibility and to feel my body lighter.
At the office, I often used to be angry, stressed and I was suffering of terrible back-pain.
After one month of practicing, my stress, my anger and my back pain were gone.

Yoga is my magical cure to feel better and Zen every day.

200Hr YTT – Vinyasa Flow (Weekend)