Lesson Plan for intermediate II ( 60 mins)

1. Introduction (5 mins)

– Self Introduction

– Check with student if they have any medical condition or injuries.

2. Pranayama ( 5 mins)

– Do 3 round of Ujjayi Breathing.

– Bastrica – Steady abdominal , do a rhythmic pumping action in the lung/ respiratory system.

3. Joint Warm Up (5 mins)

a / Feet –broken toe, alternatively raise the toes and then the heels both feet,5 x each.

b/ Hip rotation

c/  Torso twist to the right and left side of body.

d/ Shoulder roll forward & backward, 5x each

e/ Arms –move arm in a circle, forwards & backwards each 5x.

f./ Finger– interlacing you finger and rotate clockwise/anti clockwise x5each.Hand make a fist & stretch open .

g/ Neck – Tilt towards your right shoulder and then left shoulder. Do it for 3x. Rotate clockwise & anti clockwise.

4 .  Muscle Warm Up – Do 5 rounds of Surya Namaskara A and Namaskara B each.

5. Asana Pose

A/ Standing Pose

– Parivritta Trikonasana

– Prasarite Padottanasa C

– Parsvottanasan

Do Vinyasa

B/ Arm & Core Strengthening

-Abdominal Exercise – Leg lift,10x

-Abdominal Exercise – Scissors cross legs,10x

-Ladies push up 10x

-Santolasana Plank ( hold for 5 breaths )

-Vasisthasana, Side Plank Pose ( hold for 5 breaths for both sides)

C/ Seated Poses

– Urdhva Dhanurasana ( Upward facing Bow Pose)

– Paschimattanasana

– Apanasana ( Knees to chest Pose)

D/ Cooling down

– Savasana ( Corpse Pose)

In Seated Pose, end the class with inhale as you exhale chant “OM” together, 3x .


Esther Woon Chooi Kean (200hr weekend YTTC 2013)