Lesson plan

This is a lesson plan for advanced beginners or intermediate practitioners. Focus is on synchronising the breath with each movement, and each asana builds up to the next flow. Introduction 1. Greet class; introduce myself 2. Check medical history or first timers 3. Introduce Ujjayi breath and how it should be used throughout the class Warm up 4. Calm breath and centre mind (1 minute) 5. Cat and cow poses (8 breaths) 6. Move into downward dog (5 breaths) 7. Uttanasana (raise heads halfway for 5 breaths) Standing 8. Suria Namaskara A (2 rounds) 9. Go into a flow series where one asana is added each round. A vinyasa is done with each flow. Flow 1: Utkatasana – Virabhadrasana II Flow 2: Utkatasana – Virabhadrasana II – Reverse warrior Flow 3: Utkatasana – Virabhadrasana II – Reverse warrior – Utthita Parsvakonasana 10. Tadasana (mountain pose for 5 breaths) 11. Vrikshasana (tree pose; one on each side) Seated 12. Preparatory pose: Half bow (one on each side) 13. Preparatory pose: Locust 14. Full pose: Dhanurasana (wheel) 15. Rest in Child’s pose 16. Get up slowly into a Rabbit pose 17. Janu sirsasana (one on each leg) 18. Paschimottanasana (2 times, hold for 3 breaths each) 19. Urdhva Dhanurasana (2 times for 5 breaths each; bridge as variation) 20. Release into supine twist as a counter pose 21. Happy baby pose 22. Savasana (5 mins) May the breath be with you.