Deepening the Practice, Grateful for the Knowledge

The most genuine experience in my yoga practice thus far. The loveliest yoga masters and teachers I have had. The truly memorable intense practice with Tirisula 200-hr yoga teacher training course. The priceless differences the course is making to my life. "Yoga isn't just about asanas" - I know that, but only understood the deep rooted meanings of that during this 200-hr course. Learning so much more about pranayama and meditation; experiencing Kundalini for the very first time; and gaining more insights to muscles and the body systems. All these, to me, are valuable knowledge and experiences in a yoga practice. I have been attending classes in yoga studios for the past 2 years but they were all purely asana-based. Yes, some pranayama techniques were introduced by some teachers in some of those classes, but never in-depth. We just had to follow the teachers' instructions and even when I tried to research more on my own, I found difficulty grasping the accurate meanings. Meditation was first introduced into my practice when I went for my first yoga retreat. That very first exposure to meditation ignited my curiosity and interest to explore further. Through this teacher training course at Tirisula, I am so grateful that pranayama and meditation are being well covered in detail that I can now proudly say that I have progressed. Many asana-breakthroughs, as well, with the much muscle-wrenching exercises and practices. Within such a short period of time, my body got into asanas which were not accessible before. "The mind is stronger than the body" - A true sentence. All in all, thanks to the masters and teachers for their selfless sharing of knowledge and ever positive energies in pushing us to perform to our best. Joanne 200-hr Mar'15 Weekday Batch