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Class Descriptions

Ashtanga-Led (Yoga Cikitsa) (90 mins)

Yoga Cikitsa means yoga therapy. Students will be led through the therapeutic Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series (also taught in our 200hr YTT). Beginners can join the half primary series which ends at Marichyasana D.

Ashtanga-Led 1/2 Second Series (Nadi Shoddhana) (60 mins)

Nadi Shoddhana means nerve cleansing. Learn the first half of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Second Series from the standing sequence to Pincha Mayurasana. Suitable for those with regular yoga experience & particularly great for those who want to improve their back bending. You need not have perfected the Primary Series to join.

Mysore (90 mins)
Suitable for those familiar with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. A deep personal practice where students are guided by collective Ujjayi breathing, not instructions. A teacher will be on hand for corrections and deeper adjustments.

Beginner Mysore (90 mins)
Poses in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series will be broken down at an individual level. Students will learn at their own pace while being challenged to remember what they’ve learned, cultivating internal awareness.

Hatha Vinyasa (60 mins)
Suitable for those new to yoga. A dynamic practice of hatha poses linked together by creative flowing sequences, in tandem with your breath.

Vinyasa Transition (Jump Back/Through) (60 mins)
Work on your core and arm power, and discover tips and tricks to jump (maybe float!) back to Chaturanga and through to Dandasana. The Vinyasa transition is truly the heart of the Ashtanga asana practice.

Inversion & Arm Balance (60 mins)
Often seen as intimidating, inversions and arm balances help to build arm and core strength while improving mental focus. You will be taught how to distribute your body weight to find balance with ease in poses such as headstand, crow pose and even handstands. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Therapy (60 mins)*
This series of classes aim to bring comfort and quality of life to individuals suffering from specific health conditions. Our therapy sequences are gentle and tailored to each unique condition.

Meditation (Depression/Stress/Insomnia) (60 mins)
Feeling caught up in the flurry of modern life? Take some time to tune in and find balance within yourself. Our meditation classes have no religious affiliation. All are welcome.

Pre-Natal Yoga (60 mins)*
Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest with our pre-natal yoga classes. Lots of pelvic floor strengthening exercises, safe modified postures and breathing techniques to relax mommy physically and mentally.

*Medical clearance compulsory prior to signing up

Any questions, please email

Private/Corporate Yoga Classes

Our team of dedicated teachers is happy to conduct private/corporate yoga classes catering to students from beginner to advanced levels. Any class enquiries, please email

Private Fee Guide

Fees for a 60-minute private session start from SGD 120. Fee depends on whether the teacher is 200-hour or 500-hour certified as well as location (on-site or at our studio). Sign up for 10 lessons and enjoy a 10% discount.

Fees (SGD)



60-min session

From 120

 From 150

Terms & Conditions
  • If you’ve purchased a package, we will get in touch within THREE (3) WORKING DAYS to schedule your first session
  • Minimum 3 pax to start for all classes
  • Full payment is required prior to admission
  • Fees paid are non-refundable unless class is cancelled by school/instructor
  • Class attendance is non-transferrable
  • No deferment, refund or replacement sessions for classes running on consecutive basis
  • Absence will forfeit any fees paid
  • Classes begin on time. Latecomers (more than 10 minutes) will not be admitted
  • Class reservation must be made at least TWO (2) WORKING DAYS in advance
  • Any questions, please email
Class Etiquette and things to note:
  • Please bring along your own yoga mat for hygiene purpose
  • Any previous injuries sustained / health condition must be declared to the instructor
  • Please be at the class 10-15 mins earlier. If you happen to arrive a little later, do walk in quietly and slowly to the class.
  • Kindly switch your mobile to silent mode once you are inside the class
  • It is recommended to perform yoga on an empty stomach. Light meal can be taken 2 hours before class.