Yoga Classes

Small Group Classes – 10 sessions (60 mins)
Yoga Group Classes  $250 /10 sessions $30 / Drop-in
 Hatha Vinyasa (Beginner – Intermediate)
Tuesday, 7 - 8pm
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Hatha Vinyasa (Beginner – Intermediate)
Thursday, 7 – 8pm
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  • Our group classes are kept small (< 10) and run for 10 sessions at a go
  • Designed to progressively build the foundation of a strong, holistic practice
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate practitioners
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Hatha Vinyasa (Beginner – Intermediate)
This class is a dynamic practice of hatha yoga postures linked together by creative flowing sequences, in tandem with your breath. This energising flow class detoxifies and heals the body and mind at their deepest levels, dissolving blockages within and leading to physical, mental and emotional transformation. Regular practice develops stamina and vitality which will flow over into your daily activities.


Ideal for both newcomers and practitioners who have recently started yoga.


Private/Corporate Yoga Classes

Our team of dedicated teachers is happy to conduct private/corporate yoga classes catering to students from beginner to advanced levels. Any class enquiries, please email

Private Fee Guide

Fees for a 60-minute private session start from SGD 120. Fee depends on whether the teacher is 200-hour or 500-hour certified as well as location (on-site or at our studio). Sign up for 10 lessons and enjoy a 10% discount.

Fees (SGD)



60-min session

From 120

 From 150

Ideas for your private/corporate yoga classes

Beginner (60 Mins)

This is a basic and easy to follow yoga routine designed for beginners. In this sequence, we focus on the very important fundamentals of breathing and basic yoga poses. A solid foundation is essential in order to achieve effectiveness in all the advance yoga sequences.

Designed for beginners

Core (75 Mins)

This is a yoga routine that focuses on strengthening your core muscles. Maintaining a strong core is vital to supporting our entire body. Prepare to work a lot your entire abdominal, hips and pelvis for this class! Build a strong core, you will see your fitness level raise to a whole new level!

Suitable for beginners and intermediate students

Strength (75 Mins)

Yoga is not just about flexibility and balance alone. Strength is also a very important element in yoga, and also many other exercise. Instead of lifting weights, we specially design this yoga sequence to help you strengthen your overall body, from arms, to abdominals and also your legs using your own weight.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate students

Boot Camp (75 Mins)

Looking to fight the bulge battle? This intensive class focuses on increasing your metabolic rate and body heat to burn those fat away, while at the same time, build stamina and muscles. Focusing more on the preparatory poses, this class will sweat you out and leave you feeling recharged and fantastic.

Suitable for  intermediate and advance students

Relax (75 Mins)

A string of gentle and soothing postures that will unwind and relax your body and mind while awakening your senses, and activating your energy channels. Ending with Pranayama and meditation, this beautiful sequence will leave you feeling the world is your oyster.

A simple relaxing class for all levels.

Hatha-Style Theme Classes

The moderately advanced version of our classes. Our theme classes are for those looking to do something that is focus oriented or to improve on certain elements of their practice. For example, if you’ve been having trouble with your backbends than our back bending class is sure to help you improve on your overall back bending abilities!

1)  Hatha – Heart Energizer  (75 Mins)

A very invigorating class with lots of focus on wall walking and self- trust. This routine helps to open up your chest and shoulders while building a more limber spine. The sequence also cleanse your Heart Chakra and renergise it, leaving you with inner peace and joy.

Suitable for intermediate and advance students


2) Hatha – Hip Openers (75 Mins)

Hip opening asanas can be dreadful for those with tight hips. This class focuses on the fundamentals on how to effectively stretch your hips and hamstrings. Its definitely a door opener for those who are looking to touch their toes!

Suitable for those active in sports such as running, rugby, weight-lifting and for people who have trouble sitting cross-legged on floors



Terms & Conditions
  • Full payment is required prior to admission
  • Fees paid are non-refundable unless class is cancelled by school/instructor
  • Class attendance is non-transferrable
  • Absence will forfeit any fees paid
  • Classes begin on time. Latecomers (more than 10 minutes) will not be admitted
  • Class reservation must be made at least TWO (2) DAYS in advance
Class Etiquette and things to note:
  • Please bring along your own yoga mat for hygiene purpose
  • Any previous injuries sustained / health condition must be declared to the instructor
  • Please be at the class 10-15 mins earlier. If you happen to arrive a little later, do walk in quietly and slowly to the class.
  • Kindly switch your mobile to silent mode once you are inside the class
  • It is recommended to perform yoga on an empty stomach. Light meal can be taken 2 hours before class.