Hatha Kriya Yoga

Hatha Kriya Yoga Course With Certification (HKYC, 100hrs)

Course Description

This Hatha Kriya Yoga Course helps individuals experience a higher state of being through experiencing and learning techniques for better management of self and breath.

Who can attend? 

 It is ideal for all kinds of practitioners (from beginners to advanced) who want a mild and effective form of self-realisation with an 18-asana, heart-warming workout. 

Kriya yoga exists as a result of combining aspects of different yoga teachings. Kriya yoga derives from aspects of Jnana yoga, which centers upon developing spiritual knowledge through inner intellect which highlights freedom from attachments, Bhakti yoga which emphasises unconditional love and grace exhibited toward all life creations and Hatha yoga, which emphasizes a neutral outlook toward world actions developed through a calm mind. 

What do participants get?

After this course, participants will be able to guide others in the practice of Hatha Kriya Yoga as taught by Mahavatar Babaji. Participants will also be certified to practice and teach the unique 12-Asana Surya Namaskar and the highly heart chakra-warming 18-Asana sequence.

Course Outline

100 hours (6hrs per day for 10 days, 60hrs + 20 hrs of practicum + 20 hrs project)

Course fee: SGD 2500 (Early bird) / SGD 3000 (Normal)

Time: Mon to Fri, 7.30am to 1.30pm.

The word Kriya is composed of 2 syllables, Kri and Ya. In Sanskrit, Kri means karma dhatu – action of the elements, and Ya means Soul or Atma. So the word Kriya means action of the Soul. The foremost action of the Soul is breath.

Kriya Yoga is a method to attain the union of breath and Soul in each inhalation and exhalation. The practice of Kriya Yoga is based in breath, the brain and the spinal cord. Breath is the mediator between soul and mind. The brain is the mediator between the sense organs and mind. All our physical actions are reflected on our sense organs through the intermediary of the lower part of the brain located in the spinal cord. From this part of the brain, where the lower mind is located, we pass to the higher mind, then to breath, and lastly from breath to Soul. 

The brain is connected to the mind and mind to citta. Citta (the higher mind) is composed of 5 actions, or five minds which have 25 qualities or natures, each creating 2 results called vrittis. The course helps participants manage the vrittis and connect the breath to the Soul.

Topics Covered

1) Hatha Yoga Pradipika Asanas and Pranayama
2) Patanjali Yoga Sutras
3) The Chakras in full details with Symbols
4) Hatha Kriya Yoga Asanas 
5) Pranayamas for Kriya Yoga
6) The Respiratory System
7) The Circulatory System
8) Mind and its functions
9) Senses and their roles

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