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Yoga Therapy Certification, Singapore is a programme for Yoga Teachers to learn the therapeutic applications of Yoga to people with diseases. Yoga has been used as a form of treatment for diseases since ancient times together with Ayurvedic treatments. This form of treatment targets the root of the problem and has no side effects.


This Yoga Therapist Certification Course trains Yoga Instructors to understand various common diseases and to apply the suitable exercises and Yogic practices to the patients. This is an excellent program for Yoga Teachers who wish to teach Yoga Therapy Classes or private classes. Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) who complete this course can also clock Continual Education hours required to maintain their registration. 



Participant must have completed a 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course or equivalent.


Course (Practical, Theory and Teaching)
10 days, 6 hours daily
: 60 hours
Case study and project work : 20 hours
Therapy Practicum : 20 hours
Total : 100 hours

Course Content:

– True aim of Yoga, Yoga as therapy in modern time,
– Yoga therapy compared to other systems of medicine.
– Yogic and Ayurvedic view of diseases and the modus operandi of cure.
– Yogic physiology including:

  • Panchakoshas,
  • Tri gunas,
  • Tri doshas,
  • Pancha pranas
  • Nadis and Chakras.

– Western physiology and anatomy in detail, including the following systems:

  • Muscular-skeleton system
  • Endocrine system
  • Respiratory system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Nervous System and the brain functions

– Physiological state and symptoms of diseases including:

  •         Heart diseases: hyper tension, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis.
  •         Digestive system disorders: Ulcer, acidity, indigestion, constipation and Diabetes mellitus.
  •         Respiratory system: Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Cold and cough,
  •         Joints: arthritis, Gout, slip disc and Sciatica
  •         Reproductive system disorders: menstrual disorders and Pregnancy
  •         Psychological disorders: Stress, depression, anxiety and addiction


– Improvement of posture for:

  •         Kyphosis
  •         Lordosis
  •         Scolisis
  •         Flat-back
  •         Sway-back

– Yoga program: components of Yoga to be used in a Yoga program (mentioning the rounds, variations and modifications):

  •         Asana
  •         Pranayama
  •         Mudras and Bandhas
  •         shatkarmas
  •         relaxation
  •         Meditation
  •         Yama and Niyama
  •         Diet and Life style
  •         Yoga Nidra


– Monitoring and medical checkups: learning to do simple checkups, History taking and recording progress, which includes:

  •         Postural Analysis
  •         blood pressure (digital meter)
  •         pulse
  •         resting heart beat
  •         breath rate
  •         Height weight and body framework
  •         family relationship
  •         family history of diseases
  •         Personal history of diseases (doctors report)

Project work:

  •         Pick any common illness
  •         Make a Yoga program for a 20 sessions course.
  •         Arrange 1 or more subjects (with the particular illness)
  •         Perform an experiment recording the pre and post date every week of the following BP, Pulse, Heart rate and other relevant data.
  •         The Yoga practice has to be done at least 3 times a week at the same time everyday.
  •         Recording taken at the same time every 5 sessions (a total of 4 different recordings).
  •         Compare all 4 recordings taken and conclude with inference.


SGD 2000 (Early bird) / SGD 2300 (Normal)



Full payment upon registration. You can pay online by credit card, or come down to our studio at 80B Arab St to register.

For walk-in registration, cash, cheque and credit card are accepted. Please address cheque to “TIRISULA YOGA PLUS PTE LTD”


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