Pre-Natal / Post-Natal Yoga

Pre-natal / Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course


This Pre-Natal / Post-Natal Yoga Certification, Singapore is specifically designed for: Yoga Teachers, Teachers of Kid’s Yoga or Family Yoga, Fitness Professionals who want a greater working knowledge of pre-natal and postpartum yoga. You will learn how to accommodate pregnant women and new mothers who attend your group yoga classes and private sessions and you will learn how to sequence and teach Pre-natal Yoga or Postpartum Yoga.

You must already be a practicing yoga teacher.

The  is broken down into 5 6-hour segments covering Yoga for Pregnancy (I), Yoga for Pregnancy & Childbirth (II), Yoga for Labor & Delivery (III), and Postpartum Yoga (IV).


Course: 6 hours daily, 5 days (30 Hrs)
Practicum: 20 hrs
Total: 50hrs


Participant must have completed the 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course or equivalent. Participants should have some teaching experience and have a caring nature.


Pre-natal Yoga / Post-natal Certification Curriculum


Yoga for Pregnancy

  • The physiology of pregnancy and how it relates to yoga
  • Which asanas (postures) and why are they contra-indicated during pregnancy
  • What are certain asanas especially good for pregnant women and why
  • Asana modifications for pregnancy
  • Innovative warming up exercises
  • Principles of alignment
  • The Science of pregnancy
  • Methods and reasons of strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, and an introduction to “exhale pushing”
  • Common discomforts of pregnancy and how to work with them using asana and other Yogic practices
  • How to sequence a pre-natal yoga class
  • Review and teach abdominal and pelvic floor exercises, including how to check and recognize a separation of the abdominal wall (diastasis recti)
  • The greatest myths about pregnancy and yoga teacher’s greatest fears about working with pregnant women
  • Psychological and emotional aspects of teaching mums-to-be

Postpartum, Post-Natal

  • The physiology of a post-partum woman and how it relates to Yoga
  • Asanas for awakening and strengthening the post-partum body
  • Contra-indicated asanas (postures) for post-partum women
  • Principles of alignment
  • Effective abdominal and pelvic floor exercises
  • How to teach new mothers to interact with their babies while they practice yoga
  • How to help women regain physical, mental and emotional strength during the early months of motherhood


Yoga for Childbirth

  • How to teach pregnant mothers to use Yoga during labor and delivery
  • How to teach expectant women and their birth partners to use asana and breathing techniques to encourage the release of the apana vayu, the downward flowing, or birth energy
  • Teach how the use of sound and movement can help during labor and birth
  • What are the specific Yoga asanas for labor and pushing


Course Fee:

SGD 1500

Early bird 1300 (register and pay at least 8 weeks before the course starts)



Full payment upon registration. You can pay online by credit card, or come down to our studio at 80B Arab St to register.

For walk-in registration, cash, cheque and credit card are accepted. Please address cheque to “TIRISULA YOGA LLP”


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