Tirisula Yoga specialises in conducting Yoga and Pilates Certification courses only. We are solely focused on training the best teachers.

We are based in Singapore and often travel to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Australia to conduct intensive Yoga certification programs. Host us in other countries if you have a group of people who wants to learn.


Why join Tirisula Yoga Certification courses?


Best in Yoga philosophy
Master Paalu is the best in South-east Asia teaching Yoga Philosophy, e.g. Patanjali Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads. No other Yoga teacher is teaching Upanishads commercially.


Most in-depth Anatomy and Physiology study
Master Satya is very well-versed in the muscular and skeletal knowledge, with more than 10 years of experience handling the human body in fitness.


Most value for money as you will be bombarded with so much knowledge
Learn the secrets in Dynamic Yoga Asana adjustments, revered pranayama techniques and penetrating meditation.


Small class size
Study in a group of not more than 10 students. You will get very personal attention from the Masters.
Here is our menu of certification programs:



Be Fearless: Asana Through Meditation Workshops with Master Paalu

200 + 300hr Combo

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Vinyasa Flow)


200hr Yoga Teacher Training for Seniors

Above 55 years old and always wanted to do a yoga teacher training course but worry about the physical challenge? We’ve designed a course specially for you: 200hr Yoga Teacher Teaching for Seniors.  learn More

200hr-ashtanga yoga teacher training course
200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Ashtanga, Hatha) | Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, International Committed to quality The Tirisula Yoga 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training programme, held primarily in Singapore, is  learn More

Hatha Kriya Yoga

Hatha Kriya Yoga Course With Certification (HKYC, 100hrs) Course Description This Hatha Kriya Yoga Course helps individuals experience a higher state of being through experiencing and learning techniques for better management of self  learn More

500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification
300 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hr (previously known as 500 Hr) Advanced Yoga Teacher Training | Singapore, Vietnam, USA, Australia   This 300 Hr (previously known as 500 Hr) Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course covers meditation techniques, mantra,  learn More

Yoga Master Trainer

This Yoga Master Trainer Certification programme is personally guided by Master Teacher Trainers Paalu Ramasamy and Satya Chong Wei Ling.  You will get to spend countless hours with both the teachers who have  learn More

Specialty Yoga Courses

Yoga Sutras

Yoga Sutras with Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice (10-Day Course) Learn Patanjali Yoga Sutras from the best Yoga school (Tirisula Yoga), taught by Master Paalu. Being well versed and experienced in teaching Yoga sutras and  learn More

yoga alignment and adjustment
Advanced Asana Alignment & Adjustment

One of the best ways to improve your yoga practice and teaching is through the giving and receiving of adjustments.   Deepen your practice with a comprehensive understanding of alignment principles, physics, muscle  learn More

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training   This Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course (Singapore) is specifically designed for individuals who wish to be certified as a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s  Yoga Teacher (RCYT). It’s open to yoga teachers and fitness  learn More

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy Certification | Singapore   Yoga Therapy Certification, Singapore is a programme for Yoga Teachers to learn the therapeutic applications of Yoga to people with diseases. Yoga has been used as a  learn More

Pre-Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Pre-Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training with Master Satya and Andrea McKenna This Pre-Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training (Singapore) is specifically designed for individuals who wish to be certified as a Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher  learn More


Pilates Instructor Course
Pilates Matwork Instructor Course

Pilates Matwork Instructor Course | Singapore   Our Pilates Matwork Instructor Certification course sheds light on Joseph Pilates’ concepts and correct techniques. You’ll work on contrology and the activation of fine, deep muscles. After this  learn More

Yoga/Pilates Double Certification

Yoga and Pilates Double Certification Course | Singapore   This course comprises of the 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course and the Pilates Matwork Instructor Course. The total duration of the course is 35  learn More

Pilates on the Ball Instructor Course

This Pilates on the Ball Instructor Course is an extension of the Pilates Matwork Instructor Course. There is so much of fun exercising on the ball, which adds variety and challenges to the  learn More