Hi guys!  I am so fascinated by the headstand pose (Sirsasana) – a king of the the poses and is said to bring the most benefits. Whenever I see someone is doing inversion, my eyes are on them and I always want to able to do it. So I have tried it,  however, before joining […]

Today, Yoga is… The understanding of silence. I’ve begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all of its own; with every pregnant pause, infinite gestation of possibilities arise in the space-mind of thought. As we transmute from breathe to breathe adjusting, aligning […]

Yoga is all the rage these days with fitness centers and sports retailers alike marketing lithe fresh faced models poised effortlessly in gravity defying positions. A picture of the healthy living lifestyle that yoga has been exploited to sell. Ask any female friend on the latest news and they will wax lyrical on their latest […]

‘Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear’. - George Addair   Rest your elbows shoulder-width apart. Cup your hands over your head. Rest the top of your head flat on your mat. Walk forward until your spine is straight. Slowly, pushing your weight forward by the gentle rocking of your hips, lift […]

This is the end of my third week of 200 hr teacher training course. Yes, half way is completed filled with lots of useful, new knowledges. Well, let’s get back to the first week. It was the hardest week ever. My whole body from neck to toes were aching. I was always knocked down after […]

I always enjoy my yoga practice with ujjayi breathing, but not solely on pranayama exercise.  Since I started this course, I try to be more discipline by waking up  earlier  to do kapalabhati, uddiyana bandha, mula bandha, nadi shodana and meditation. Feeling good , refresh and  more energetic . I want to know the benefits […]

My first time trying to give instruction in yoga to my classmates. It was a good experience. When we are practicing ourselves , we know what we are doing. When we are giving instructions to lead a class, is totally different. Instruction has to be clear and precise. Counting of breathe is important,   duration of […]

So we’ve seen so many of body classifications and diets – Blood type diet, low-carb diet, colour diet, juice cleanse diet, blah blah blah. Do they really work? Personally, I’ve tried a few and though they seemed to work initially, my weight just goes back up after I stop dieting – bummer!  This post will, […]

Having worked in a desk-bound job for a year before leaving it for greener (and healthier) pastures, I found that my colleagues and I have complained about neck aches before. Being focused on the job is definitely a good thing, but sometimes, being too focused means that we forsake good posture, moving around occasionally and […]

Everything needs balance, so does a good yoga sequence. Have you ever gone for a class that only does forward bends, or only twists to the right? Probably not. One important thing in yoga is to balance the different postures done so that your muscles will get the proper stretching and contractions, as well as […]