This is the third week of my 200-hr yoga teaching training (Yes, I survived two weeks!). In my first week of training, I started thinking if coming here was the right choice. I only wanted to learn proper alignment, instil some discipline in myself, in the hope that one day, I will be able to […]

Ever since I take up this TTC course,  I have benefited so much even thought I have been practicing yoga for a few years. Initially I was skeptical about taking up this course because I thought I may not be able to survive for 5 weeks with all the asana and theory. Now I enjoy […]

2 weeks have passed and I am slowly striking off the list on what I thought I knew about Yoga. Fact: It’s not just a stretching exercise that increases your flexibility and getting you a step closer to becoming a contortionist. Yes, you become more flexible (through a lot of hard work) but that’s just […]

I am so glad that I’m still surviving and completed the 2nd week. During my 2nd week, I did work out a lot on my back bending as my back is not flexible enough and also by engaging the correct muscles. And today is the 1st day of the 3rd week. I felt so much […]

I am a person who like sports a lot but not gym. Why? It is because I like to do something together with friends or in a group. I considered myself as an active person in the past. I participated in sports while I was in primary and secondary school. I represented my school for […]

After two weeks of stretching, turning, twisting, squaring, lifting and turning myself upside down, my body and mind are having a feast for the senses through pain and pleasure, while my soul is smiling. I am enlightened at being a beginner in learning about my body and all of its forgotten parts.  Dear body, I […]

Joining the 200hrs yoga teacher training I felt it’s a just a little step on my yoga journey, but my friends, my colleagues don’t really understand that. They thought that I would be a master after the training course, which really put me to give several explanations to them. Something that would happen would happen. […]

At some point of our life, we ponder who we are and where this life is going to lead us. Everyone does, that’s including myself. To accept who you really are, the current realities be it good or bad; yet I still plan for ideation.    I have been through a long and interesting journey […]

I love my body. I treat it right and I do not need someone else’s comments to make me feel good or bad about my ‘vehicle’. Unlike many of my fellow companions, I have never taken yoga classes previously. Yet, here I am, learning to be a yoga teacher!  Bravo! is what I said to […]

Everyone wants to get into shape but not everyone knows how to do it, this can be discouraging for the people who aren’t sure what to do to get into shape. The best way to go about getting into shape and being fit is to learn as much as you can and applying that knowledge, […]