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Hello. My name is Cheryl and I am a control freak. Well, at least I used to be. I love making lists; my life was under my complete control. Every vacation I take is perfectly planned with my amazingly detailed spreadsheets with several tabs detailing
“By recognising that fear is part of the experience of moving forward, fear can slide into the back seat and you take that journey that you have been wishing to!” This sentence is the ending to an article that I have just read online. How
The end of one journey begets the beginning of another odyssey; learning to teach vis a vis teaching to learn. Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response unlike our reactions, li
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Pratyahara practices lead to a profound state of relaxation, expanded self-awareness, and inner stability. They help us master both the body and the mind. Instead of deciding what to pay attention to and then executing that decision, the undiscipli
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Pranayama. Pratyahara. Dharana. Dyana. Karma. Chakras. My brain feels as if its about to explode from my attempts to understand these concepts intellectually. I’m grateful that Master Paalu recognised a pattern in my behaviour, and that is, to over
  One of the Five Principles of Yoga is Pranayama that means the control of vital energy. Pranayama controls the energy in us, to restore and maintain health and to promote evolution.Dharana is focusing thought in one place ,which is concentrati
BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA – HUMMING BEE BREATH Bhramari = Hindu Goddess of bees The practice of this pranayama is called that of a humming bee because the sound of a bee is reproduced during the breathing to enhance inside focus and concentration. As
Pranayama is the expansion of our vital energy, prana and practice of controlling our breath. It helps to avoid confusion of our identity and role in life. As pranayama changes our pattern of breathing, it will also change our pattern of thinking. Th
Sirsana is symbolic of my TTC journey, and thus the asana of choice for my post. I came to the TTC not even knowing what the dolphin pose was, let alone having attempted a headstand. Naturally, I struggled to even kick my legs up to the wall on my fi
“Don’t waste time on people who are not worthy of it.” This advice has been circulating in my world for the past few years, and I have often fallen back on it as an excuse to escape from having to deal with emotions. A classmate sh
SATYA – living the truth. I’ve learnt a good few lessons from this little girl (possibly because she has all the best bits of her father’s spirit). This is Tara. Tara is the only true Paddy in our family (being the only one actually born in
PRATYAHARA Draw inwards, look inside of yourself, to identify the patterns of your life. I’m an identical twin. It’s shaped my life, from before I was even born, and my sister is my total soulmate, my best friend, and the person I always turn to
Asteya is the third Yama that means non-stealing. It is the strength to resist a desire for material or non-materials things we don’t have. Even though this sounds impossible in today’s world, it is the only way to be happy and in peace since the
I spent the better part of my education studying postmodernism and performance, and naturally, Judith Butler came up quite often. Satya, on the other hand, is a refreshing concept. Living the truth so much that eventually nothing can affect your tru
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SALAMBA SIRSHASANA – SUPPORTED HEADSTAND sa=with alamba=that on which one rests sirsa=head  “In a perfect Sirsasana your body feels completely stretched and at the same time you experience a feeling of complete relaxation” (BKS Iyengar,

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