BACKBONE:the spine in mind

spineA mnemonic for remembering the spine, the specific functions of each in relation to one's (my) intention for learning and teaching yoga if i Can Teach and Learn yoga So Can you! 7 Cervical(neck) to build confidence and hold one’s head up high to guide the student even if he says yes to me or no (C1- axis and C2- atlas), i will hold them up (C2-atlas) and keep them stable   12 Thoracic(ribs) to know the proper breathing to unlock their own passion and keep my own close to my heart (sternum)   5 Lumbar(lower back) to provide the most support and strength to ones students and my own practice   5 Sacral(fused) to fuse the mind, body and Self   4 or 3 Coccyx(tailbone) to acknowledge students anatomical differences, respect limitations and do proper alignment       You can always set your own intention per each but REMEMBER: if i Can Teach and Learn yoga SCan you! - it's true!   Bianca Pereche- Gamboa 200hr TTC (weekday), March 2015