Article 2 – Pilates Roll Up and Down – Instructions for a beginner

The roll up and roll down


Step 1:

Lie back on the floor in a neutral pelvic position.

Keep both your knees bent with your feet planted on the floor

Your arms sit beside your body with your palms facing down to the floor.


Step 2:

With an inhale, gentle nod your head off the floor and raise your arms up

with fingertips pointing to the ceiling.

Bring your eye focus to your belly button.

(*Check that your rectus abdominals do not bunch up engage from the transverse abdominals)


Step 3:

On your exhale, with a strong engagement of your core, start rolling up through your

spine vertebrae by vertebrae. This articulates your spine from your upper back, middle

back to lower back.

(*Check to ensure your shoulder do not round forward and your scapula is kept depressed)


Step 4:

On the completion of your roll up, inhale and stack up the spine seating upright.

Hands are held in the front of you.


Step 5:

Exhale and scoop the belly in and stretch forward. Maintain your C-curve of your spine

(*Ensure a strong engaged abdominal core)


Step 6:

Inhale and stack up the spine seating upright again


Step 7:

Exhale, scoop in the belly, forming a C-curve, bring the eye focus to the belly button and roll down

one vertebrae at a time in a controlled manner till you return to your starting position.

(*Ensure this is a controlled movement, try your best not to jerk down through the position)


By: S.G.