60' Beginner 2nd Lesson

1. Pre-word Various (padmasana) After eating 3 hours Eating after 2 hours WC before practicing Breathing by nose (in & out) Listening to your breath & body to follow accordingly   3’  
2. Warm-up Standing From Down Up: Rotating-Twisting-Stretching your feet, toes Lowering your body to stretch your legs Rotating your knees Rotating your hip in both directions Rotating-Twisting-Stretching your hands, fingers, arms Inter-lock your fingers stretching up Hands on your shoulders & rotating Rotating your neck, up & down, side to side Move your eyes up to the third eye, down to your nose, then to right & left – without moving & turning your head (could be arranged for a warm-up sequence)       7’ Could be warm up from Head down to Feet;
3. Pranayama   Choose 1 from: (1)Savasana         (2) Ujiayi breath at Samasthitih or Padmasana ( simple approach)     Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths Inhale 1,2,3 -5 hold and exhale 1,2,3 -5   Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths Starting inhale deeply & deeply and try not to raise your shoulders Filling and extend your rib cage as much as possible Exhale The sound through the throat during inhale & exhale 5’  
4. Surya Namaskara A Samasthitih Standing with 2 palms together front of your chest, lose your shoulders, feet together 7’ Not for pregnancy, server heart problem, high blood pressure, slipped disc, back injury;   After 3 rounds, get the feeling to continue more 2 rounds or stop.
Hands up Inhale – raise hands up, gazing your thumb
Uttanasana (modification) Exhale Uttanasana, hands down folding; Just try to reach down as much as you can;
Head up Inhale half way up, head up
Jump (or step) back – Chaturanga Exhale jump back ( or could step back) to Chaturanga
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Inhale – Up Urdhva, look at your third eye;
Adho Mukha Svanasana Exhale – Down dog, stay for 5 breaths here; Lift your tail bone up, knee & elbow & back straight; Heel on the floor if you can; Gazing to your navel. Regulate your breath, 4,3,2 &1.
Jump or step - head up Sapta Inhale jump (or step) head up
Uttanasana (modification) Exhale Uttanasana, folding
Hands up Nava Inhale hands up, gazing your thumb;
Samasthitih Exhale Samasthitih
5. Asana practice & adjustment Standing Trikonasana (modification) Inhale, step right leg to the right side, right foot to the right side, left foot 90 degrees; arms spread horizontally; Exhale lean and reach to the right side; Inhale back to the centre, turn your left foot to the left, right foot 90 degrees – exhale lean and reach to the left; 28’ Adjust accordingly during practicing
Standing Virabhadrasana B (modification)   (Listening to the student for the adjustment) From Samasthitih, step the right leg back to the wide step, bend your left knee to 90 degrees, lower your body and spread your arms horizontally; Gazing to the left thumb.  
Sitting Dandasana   Sit with straight legs together – palms on floor next 2 sides of the hip – back straight – suck the belly and lift the chest; Feet & toes up; Breath in & out – feeling all the muscles works.
Paschimottanasana (modification) At the Dandasana, Inhale raise the hands up, exhale reaching as far as possible and Exhale bending forward as lower as possible; keep inhale & exhale, each exhale try to reach and bend lower;
Prone Balasana From Dandasana, bend your legs back ward and sit on your feet; Inhale reaching the body up and Exhale folding your body forward, forehead on floor if possible; rest 2 arms parallel to your body, palms facing up; take 5 breaths here.
Supine     Lying on your back, hands by 2 sides of your body, palms on floor; Inhale lift your right leg upright, Exhale turns your right leg to left side of your body, spread your 2 arms at 90 degrees with your body, turn your face to the right; Stay for 3 breaths and Inhale back to centre; Do the same with your left leg.
6. Cooling-down Prone Makarasana Lying facing down on your mat, cross your arms and palms overlap each other; Resting your forehead on the palms and breath normally. 3’  
7. Pranayama & Salutation Savasana Lying on your back, rest your toes, rest yours feet, rest your legs, your thigh, feel your back lying flat on the floor; rest your abdomen, your chest; rest your arms, your palms, fingers; rest your head, your chin, your mouth, your eyes; rest your neck… breath deeply and slowly, feel your whole body resting… After 5’: Now move your feet, move your hands, slowly turn to the right side…and get up to the Padmasana. Palms together on your chest, close your eyes and Inhale – Exhale – Aum… 3 times Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Thanks for your participation and look forward to meeting you again!   7’