20hrs Yoga Course

20hrs Tirisula “Be Enlightened” Yoga Course


Enlighten your practice.


Tirisula 20hr “Be Enlightened” yoga immersion seeks to enlighten the physical areas in your yoga practice. The programme focuses on specific aspects of the yoga practice, such as twists, backbending, arm balances, with an emphasis of providing a strong foundation for a deeper practice through basic understanding of alignment, final pose and steps to the final pose in your self-practice.


This programme is open to all levels of practitioners, from the beginner of the practice to the advanced practitioners. If you’re looking to simplify your practice and knowledge of yoga, but don’t feel quite ready to commit to the yoga teacher training yet, this programme is perfect for you.


There are no pre-requisites to joining this programme. This programme is for individuals who are ready to explore the basic for practice on the mat. 



What is covered for this programme:


1. Asana Practice

•Focus on specific themes every day, such as backbending, arm balances, inversion, hip openers. Total about 20 poses

•Learn the correct techniques to move into each posture step by step

•Physical conditioning to build up the strength, flexibility

•Understanding the benefits, precautions and contraindications for each asana 



2. Pranayama Practice

•Learn 2 basic types of pranayama and how this can be applied to your yoga practice daily

•Understanding the benefits, precautions, and contraindications of each pranayama technique

•Learning the basic anatomy involved in pranayama practice 

•Understanding how pranayama practice can affect the asana practice 



3. Human anatomy in yoga

•Basic understanding of the human anatomy in the yoga practice 

•Knowing the major muscle groups and skeletal bones and how they are involved in different yoga asanas 

•Understanding your own body type and how to cater your diet and practice to your specific body type




20 hours, 4 sessions of 5 hours each


Course fee:

Early bird at SGD450, usual price at SGD600


Please email us at info@tirisulayoga.com for more details. 


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