1st Beginner Class Plan (First Time Yoga)

5mins:   Introduction, Yoga + Om

5mins:   Deep Breathing

5mins:   Warm Up

Moving with Flow (5 set); guide technique and the flow

Inhale, reach up arm…

Exhale, bend forward…

Inhale, half way up…

Exhale, deepen to standing forward bend

Inhale, stretch up, return to standing position.

Exhale, samasthitih.

Asana: –

1. Padangusthasana

2. Padahastasana

( Counter pose: hips apart, hand supporting the lower back, arch backwards. )

3. Tree pose (Vrikshasana) – 5x breath each side

4. Janu Sirsasana – 5x breath each side

5. Paschimattanasana – 5x breath (2 sets)

( Counter pose: Cat, cow )

6. Bhujangasana

7. Dhanurasana

( Counter pose: Child pose )

8. Shoulder stand (with wall) – 20 breaths

9. Fish pose – 5 breaths for 2 sets

Cool down: Twisting, hugging knee on chest

10mins: Relaxation (Final + Auto Suggestion)